Saturday, September 5

Just Plain Lazy

I read. I WANT to write. And a blog is a wonderful outlet. But I still don't. So for all you viewers out there, this is my life in a nutshell since last November:
- I survived my first year teaching English in a local junior high school. I even got hired a second time and start again on Tuesday!
- I chaperoned a number of students on a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum and other spots. It was awesome. Pics to be posted soon.
- Another year of playing rec sports (ball and ice hockey and softball) to stay in shape
- watching my neice Ava grow. Lots of pics. She's cute, and trouble.
- going back to da gym. I even paid for a personal trainer to guide/punish me. It has been going well this summer. I lot a couple of pounds and feel better. Hopefully when school starts, I won't find any excuses to stop going. I bought enough "pretty" workout clothes so I should use them! ha


Sunday, November 9

It's been too long...!

First up, I have a job teaching English at a local jr high school. The first month was rough, learning to teach teenagers instead of younger kids, but now things are better.

I still need more hours in the day though!

On the house front, our home is a mess. Carpet has been removed (oh, the dirt!), walls painted, and hardwood put into the living room. Doggy is having a hard time jumping onto furniture, but it is cleaner!

Laminate, finally selected by my better half, will be installed in the bedrooms...soon? Less carpet, colder toes, but less sneezing!

Wife and I gutted walk-in closet. Redesigned and installed new shelving myself. Yes, it is still standing.

But the biggest headache for me is sharing my bathroom with my wife. After getting her bathroom painted, she decided it didn't match the $$ shower curtain. So she is getting it painted again - so her mirror is not going back up. Now I have a daily obstacle course just brushing my teeth!

On the family front, my little neice Ava is growing like a weed. Here is a recent picture:

Sunday, August 31

Leaving Good Enough Alone

Herrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrreeeeeee horsey, horsey, horsey!
(Was I nuts doing this?)

A Windy Day

Sometimes taking scenic pictures doesn't do justice to the real thing! So maybe a short video will do!

A Summer in Pictures #1

I had a decent summer. Read papers, played softball, watched sports on the telly. Went by slowly, but once I got hired to teach at a local junior high, end came quite quickly! Here are a few snaps of my summer.

Ava. What can I say? Cute kid, even with all the farts and burps. I'll see her again this upcoming weekend at the christening. I'm 'da godfather.'

Mmmmmmmmmmmm, I drank a few of these....

...which led to a few of these....!

During wife's holidays we went out to visit her mother. Pulling into the driveway, I felt that I was in Hitchcock's 'Birds' movie. Lucky for us they didn't attack! ha

We went for a drive to Bonavista and it's surrounding areas. A beautiful, but windy day! Creatures that have the same mindset as me: relax.

Don't get too close to the edge!

Saturday, August 2

Creature of Habit

We all have our routines, from how we get ready in the mornings to how we get ready to go to bed at night.

But then there are times a monkey wrench is thrown into your routine, and you want to say, "What the f*ck?"

Walmart and Dominion are renovating their stores, and this is giving many people headaches. Today I dropped into both and noticed the dazed looks in faces, as people were forced out of their usual routine. It was frustrating, and a bit funny - until it took me over 10 minutes to find Ranch dressing!

I don't know why Walmart is 'improving' their stores - it is the Mecca of consumerism: if you open it, people will come. As for Dominion, they are getting out of the electronics business (good) but putting in more clothing. Really, am I thinking about socks when I buying fruit and eggs? No.

One stop shopping. One massive headache.

Friday, July 25


I've been a very bad blogger. No entries in almost two months. Well dear readers, (all 6 of you) I will make a much better effort to write for the rest of this summer.

I know that you are chomping at the bit just to read my latest whim, mmm?