Saturday, September 5

Just Plain Lazy

I read. I WANT to write. And a blog is a wonderful outlet. But I still don't. So for all you viewers out there, this is my life in a nutshell since last November:
- I survived my first year teaching English in a local junior high school. I even got hired a second time and start again on Tuesday!
- I chaperoned a number of students on a trip to Washington, D.C. to visit the Holocaust Memorial Museum and other spots. It was awesome. Pics to be posted soon.
- Another year of playing rec sports (ball and ice hockey and softball) to stay in shape
- watching my neice Ava grow. Lots of pics. She's cute, and trouble.
- going back to da gym. I even paid for a personal trainer to guide/punish me. It has been going well this summer. I lot a couple of pounds and feel better. Hopefully when school starts, I won't find any excuses to stop going. I bought enough "pretty" workout clothes so I should use them! ha


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